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Top 10 US cities to work remotely

More Americans than ever before are working from home. Originally a temporary solution to the pandemic, many companies are now looking for more permanent work-from-home facilities with long-term plans where employees only visit the office once or twice a week.
For the introverted homebodies among us, this is great news. But for those of us who enjoy the camaraderie of an office setting, this might be considered less than ideal. When you find yourself in the latter camp, keep the following in mind: if you work from home, you are likely saving a significant amount of money by not commuting.
Research from Frontier Business found that the average American loses $ 2 an hour driving to work every day - a number that can go as high as $ 5 or $ 6 in cities like New York and Washington, DC per hour is the equivalent of a whopping $ 1,040 per year. That number climbs to over $ 5,000 a year in New York City.
The next time you feel bad about the shift you had to do working from home, think about all of the money you will save from setting up a home business. We guarantee that you will feel less guilty about your daily latte at the local coffee shop.
MagnifyMoney, a personal finance resource, examined data from the US Census Bureau to determine which US cities are best for remote working. They took into account the number of residents working from home, their employability relative to office workers, the cost of living, the cost of housing and the average commute time.
The results? The 10 Best Cities in the US to Work from Home Are:
1. Gilbert, Arizona
2. Atlanta
3. Aurora, Colorado
4. Seattle
5. Tampa, Florida
6. Denver
7. Chandler, Arizona
8. Chicago
9. Plano, Texas
10. Scottsdale, Arizona

The three worst cities to work remotely? Toledo, Ohio; El Paso, Texas; and Greensboro, North Carolina.